MisaMinoNET.NET version of the MisaMino bot (via DLL Importing)GitHub
winterNebs.github.iowhere i host tetris stuff for nowHTMLGitHub
BlocksOld ascension repository.TypeScriptGitHub
personal-website-artA repository for my personal websiteGitHub
aitrisA machine-learning block-falling-game solver.PythonGitHub
Neural-NetrisA tetris machine learning project using genetic algorithmsPythonGitHub
Basic-SVG-ParserParses SVG data into a usuable object C++GitHub
4orHello OpenGLCGitHub
TypeClickerA typing gameJavaGitHub
crazy8sHot seat crazy 8 card gameJavaGitHub
CompactChromeCreates a borderless chrome window, good for viewing videos. BatchfileGitHub
MazeGrade 10 Programming Summative done in Visual BasicVisual BasicGitHub
SimpleTextGameA simple c++ text based gameC++GitHub
Summ11summative game for grade 11 java programmingJavaGitHub